Monday, December 8, 2008

You got some kick ass shit

Turns out there's a blog called In Noise We Crust. Whoa that is good name for ... um ... well ... just about anything. My daughter's first name is definitely gonna be that In-Noise-We-Crust Talihan. I mean either that or Mary.

When was the last time this lady had a new idea? Oh yeah this was it and it was awesome

Monday, December 1, 2008

Beatiful Babies

Hey, so, you know, how people like really like babies. Like people will smile and talk to babies without a second thought. People will be walking down the street and people will just waive and flash a big shit-eating grin at them. And even if they are a little shy about saying 'what up' to the baby, they would smile to themselves as if to say "fuck, just seeing that baby's baby-ass face made me happy." Nobody smiles and waives at me, fucking babies get all the breaks. Now don't get me wrong I'm not anti-baby, I fucks with babies. Some are cool. For instance when my nephew was a baby he was super rad and he made me smile endlessly. I mean we are still totally bffs (best fucking friends). We always play a game called superboy but it's not like that extra gross song ... it jsut involes me picking him up and throwing him around. But like most babies and kids I'm just kinda like 'meh.' I don't mind them but they don't blow my mind or whatever ...

However I can emphatize with that feeling. I feel it when ever I see kids at punk rock shows. I mean when I see those kids limbs just start flaling around and screaming into microphones, it makes me smile unknowningly. It's a beatiful thing. The other month me moti, and ben went see fucked up twice in a week (and honestly I was kinda pist I didn't attend the third show of the week). And my homeboy todd p comes through and tells the kids to behave and not smoke outside, and its all very sweet, ya know. Like DIY or FUBU, you know. So Pink Eyes, who, by the by, is the fucking balls, gets on stage and is like "TEAR THIS PLACE UP DOWN ... but like in the most respectful way possible." Like how sweet is that?!! ... these kids come thru to some slightly skechy part of Brooklyn to just kinda go off, and some random dudes work hard to make it happen. I mean that's just plain lovely. It just makes you feel good, you know, like when you're in love, or give to the poor, or when rusty cage comes on in a bar out of nowhere. It just kinda made me realize i know th feeling when people look at babies they have no relation to and just smile to themsleves... but then again it's sometimes just really d-u-m dumb

Ps the duders they show at 23 seconds are like so fucking good looking i don't what to do with myself.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Danzig Live: The Socratic Method

Wait, what day is it? .... so I guess September didn't really work out.

Back in October me and Benny boy Felton went to see the 'zig (Felton's pharse). Here is my response using a
form of philosophical inquiry in which the questioner explores the implications of others' positions, to stimulate rational thinking and illuminate ideas.

Was I into the
opening band?
Not so much ... maybe as like a goof or whatever.

Was Danzig fan-fucking-tastic at Roseland last month?

Does the dude have a set of pipes that made me visably aroused?


Is he balding?

Does he have a big ol gut?

Was he wearing a mesh shirt?


Did look stupendodus?

Was this the dude that played drums?

Is that dude the balls?

Did Tommy Victor of
Prong play guitar?

Did he engerneer the best Sheer Terror record?

Did he produce the worst too?


Was the crowd a the show terrible?

Of course

Did a some fistcuffs break out?

Was I into that?

Is Roseland the worst for stopping the show at Midnight on the dot?


Friday, August 1, 2008

School's Out for Summer

So me and Felton have decided to give it a rest for a bit (if you hadn't noticed). We are gonna be back in September.

My advice to you is to watch this multiple times a day until that time comes.

Danzig- Home Video Complete
Uploaded by domchimic

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Um ... What?

A while back i got the album hidden world by the band fucked up. I liked it when i first got and it has grown on me more and more as time progresses. But after reading this on their blog they are easily my favorite band in known human history. I guess they are coming out with a record on matador ... consider it purchased.

Also, John Reis ... let's go halves on a baby.

Fucked Up - No Epiphany
Fucked Up - Year of the Pig (US 7" Edit)
Fucked Up - Royal Swan

Night Marchers - Whose Lady R U

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Coming Clean

hey hey duders
So lately I've come to a very sad realization, pop punk is my favorite form of music. I mean I could lie to you and pick some Brazilian pop band or church-burning metal band championed by vice magazine(although i have to admit i read that book a couple years ago ...shit was kinda ill).

However, the god's honest truth is, the following are of my favorite songs of all time. Don't worry I feel nothing but shame and bitter self-recrimination.

Smoking Popes - Need You Around

Alkaline Trio

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ain't No Party Like a Trons Party; Cause A Trons Party Don't Stop

Independence Day. Ahhhh. What a joy it is to live in a free country. In between chugging them beers and facing them apple pies, take a second to remember that -- oh shit, I'm getting a text. Hold on a sec...I forgot what my point was.